David Hayes’s positions on Vote Climate’s questionnaire

Vote Climate, a network of climate change activists across Knoxville and Knox County, recently distributed a questionnaire on candidate positions on climate change policies and practices. You can read the summary of all candidates here: http://climateknoxville.org/?page_id=938

David Hayes fully supports robust and meaningful action on climate change through policies and community input. David’s responses to the questionnaire are include in full below.

David Hayes City Council, At Large Seat B

1. If elected, would you support a comprehensive and equitable community-wide Climate Action Plan to reduce Knoxville’s carbon emissions in half by 2030?

Yes, I would support a comprehensive and equitable community-wide Climate Action Plan. The climate crisis calls us all to take urgent and significant action towards a just transition from fossil fuels while also mitigating the current and locked-in consequences of climate change. In order to reduce Knoxville’s carbon emissions in half by 2030 and end our use of fossil fuels for energy by 2050, we will need to transform our economy so people and the environment are prioritized over profit. The city must take a leadership role in addressing the climate crisis and adopt a comprehensive and equitable community-wide Climate Action Plan. The plan must include democratic community engagement along all parts of the development and implementation of the plan, particularly with those most vulnerable to the impacts and effects of climate change.

2. How would you engage the community in developing this plan?

The city has a responsibility to democratically engage with communities directly affected by the city’s actions. The creation of a Climate Action Plan would include a democratic process to develop the Plan’s priorities. Participants of the process would include community members, local green businesses, unions, city, county, and state departments, community and non-governmental organizations, colleges and universities, environmental experts, weatherization and energy efficiency experts, and anyone else needed to make a robust climate action plan that works for all. Community forums, focus groups, surveys, canvasses, interviews, and other methods can be implemented to ensure that the community voices are gathered through a variety of ways.

3. What would be your timeline from the launch to develop the plan to when the city would put the plan into action?

6 months to a year will be enough time to develop the climate action plan with the community, identify necessary funding, and approve the plan. I will do all in my power to ensure the plan is implemented in an urgent and effective manner.

City Council Forum hosted by the League of Women Voters and Knox News Sentinel

David and all of the city council candidates participated in the League of Women Voters and Knox News Sentinel candidate forum.

On homelessness, David highlighted the need for more of the city budget to go towards social services:

Seat B candidate David Hayes said the city’s budget should reflect human rights and should be reprioritized.

“Because right now, the option of displacing homeless people and criminalizing homeless people is not working. It’s unjust,” he said.

Click the image below for the full story:

UCW-CWA 3865 Endorses David Hayes for City Council

Knoxville, TN- United Campus Workers- Communications Workers of America 3865, Tennessee’s Higher Education Union, has voted to endorse community and labor activist David Hayes for Knoxville City Council At-Large Seat B.

The UCW-CWA 3865 is the union for staff and faculty, graduate employees, and lecturers at public colleges and universities in Tennessee. They have over 2,000  members on 22 campuses across the state, including the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and Pellissippi State Community College . Their mission is to advance and defend the interests of all Tennessee higher education staff and faculty, and to promote solidarity, democracy, and social and economic justice in the workplace and in our communities.  

Ed McDaniel, President of UCW-CWA 3865, noted, “As a member and president of UCW it is an honor to endorse David Hayes. I fully support and believe in David and his values. His continual support for a strong working class aligns with our union values. Standing with David is taking a stand for all of us hardworking people.”

David Hayes commented, “Universities and colleges are valuable institutions to our communities and some of our biggest employers. It’s imperative that we support campus workers and ensure all educators, staff, and graduate employees have a workplace that is beneficial for them and for students. Worker power and unions are an essential element to any successful workplace, and I encourage the new leadership of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville to support and work with United Campus Workers.

The Vote David Hayes Campaign is a proud advocate of unions, and a strong, local, democratic economy.


Vote David Hayes Campaign Contact:

UCW Contact:
Ed McDaniel
President, UCW-CWA Local 3865

2019 City Council Movement Candidates Al-Bawi, Hayes, and Parker Kick Off Campaigns

Friday, March 29th, 2019 A crowd of over 150 community members came together Friday to kick off the 2019 Knoxville City Council election season with City Council Movement candidates Charles Al-Bawi (District 5), David Hayes (At-Large, Seat B), and Amelia Parker (At-Large, Seat C). Held at the Concourse, the event, hosted by Black Atticus, featured speeches from the candidates and community members Constance Every (Director of Sleeves4Needs) and Ed McDaniel (President of United Campus Workers-Communications Workers of America Local 3865). The evening also included entertainment, featuring performances by Summer Awad (“Uncensored”), Jarius Bush, Kobe Kane aka Mr. Kobayashi, and Divine Urban Expressions Cultural Arts N Dance. The after party, also in the Concourse, was hosted by Forever True (FRVR) Recordings, a local hip hop label in Knoxville. Food was provided by Kianga’s Kitchen, Good Golly Tamale, and Yassin’s Falafel House.

In their speeches, candidates highlighted each of their platforms and motivations for running for city council. Al-Bawi, a lawyer who focuses his work on child welfare and family law, is running to bring community-oriented policies, such as a free food program for low-income youth during the summer, and advocacy for marginalized communities to the city council.

Under the banner of Knoxville for All, community activist Hayes, spoke to his platform of affordable housing, good jobs with living wages, safe, healthy, and resourced communities, and real democracy. Hayes highlighted the need for a democratic city budget, as well as the need for communities and neighborhoods to resist gentrification by impacting and benefiting from development.

Parker, Executive Director of Peace Brigades International USA, closed out the candidate portion of the evening, announcing her candidacy for the at-Large, Seat C. Parker is reviving her people-centered platform from her 2017 election, which calls for changes to the city’s budgeting process and budget priorities that will promote a just, equitable, resident-led Knoxville.

The City Council Movement was developed from the political caucus of Rescue and Restoration. Rescue and Restoration is a community organizing effort established in 2014 to address health, political, education and economic issues that affect predominantly African-American communities. The Movement’s Mission is to strengthen the people’s political power by holding elected officials accountable via organizing, education and participatory democracy; and secure political representatives who maintain practices and implement projects that demonstrate viable effective economic and social impact on people of color, working class and marginalized communities. Al-Bawi, Hayes, and Parker have all been endorsed as 2019 City Council Movement candidates.

For more information on the City Council Movement, contact citycouncilmovement@gmail.com

To reach the Al-Bawi Campaign, contact caalbawi@gmail.com

To reach the David Hayes Campaign, contact info@votedavidhayes.com

To reach the Amelia Parker Campaign, contact info@voteameliaparker.com

Campaign Kickoff Fundraiser!

Good morning,

On March 29th, city council candidates David Hayes, Amelia Parker, Charles Al-Bawi, and the City Council Movement will host a joint Campaign Kickoff for the 2019 city council elections!

Today, the Vote David Hayes Campaign is launching our 3 week long Campaign Kickoff Fundraiser!

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