Campaign Kickoff Fundraiser!

Good morning,

On March 29th, city council candidates David Hayes, Amelia Parker, Charles Al-Bawi, and the City Council Movement will host a joint Campaign Kickoff for the 2019 city council elections!

Today, the Vote David Hayes Campaign is launching our 3 week long Campaign Kickoff Fundraiser!

Like all movements for justice, this is a people-powered campaign. While the city’s wealthiest elites continue to give max level contributions to our opponent, it’s going to take all of us contributing what we can to push back against the big money interests.

Will you help us add 30 new supporters to the 50 people who have already stepped up to fight for a Knoxville For All? If yes, click the link below!

Give at least $20 by clicking the link above and you will be a Kickoff Supporter and receive our fresh, new Vote David Hayes bumper sticker. Able to give a little more? Donate at least $100 to be an official Kickoff Sponsor and receive our bumper sticker and a fly campaign t-shirt.

Thanks for making this vital struggle for the future of Knoxville possible. See you at the Campaign Kickoff on Friday, March 29th from 5pm-9pm at The Concourse!

Media Release – David Hayes is Running for Knoxville’s City Council

*** Media Release ***

From the community to politics! David Hayes to run for Knoxville’s City Council At-Large Seat B.

Knoxville, TN – Local organizer and labor activist, David Hayes, is running for Knoxville’s City Council At-Large Seat B.

“I’m running for City Council to build new political leadership that empowers all Knoxvillians. I believe that city government should be centered on real democracy that works for all Knoxville residents, not just the wealthy and well-connected few.”

“My campaign for City Council is anchored in years of experience as a community organizer and labor activist.

Through my organizing, I have consistently confronted politicians and corporations who have attempted to harm communities and workers in Knoxville through unjust practices and policies. I have stood on the front lines with community members fighting for safer communities, better schools, better wages, more accountability of city services and law enforcement, and more access to city resources. These experiences have inspired me to run for City Council to ensure that our communities have power and a city government that works for all of us.”

“Once elected, I will use my platform on City Council to pass a budget and policies that prioritize the needs of the many over the needs of the few. All Knoxvillians deserve the right to affordable housing, good jobs with living wages, real democracy in our local government, and safe, healthy, and well-resourced communities and neighborhoods.”

“As we begin this campaign, I look forward to meeting more community members and incorporating their vision for Knoxville into our platform and building a strong, united, and diverse coalition. It’s time that City Council worked for all of us – Vote David Hayes! Knoxville for All!”

Vote for a Knoxville for all! Vote David Hayes for City Council At-Large Seat B. Early voting for the primaries begins August 7th.