Real Democracy

David will advocate for:

  • Community involvement in the budget creation
  • Fair and accessible elections
  • Community control of land and development
  • Strengthening community oversight of the police

All Knoxvillians deserve real democracy in our local government, and everyone should have a say in the political decisions that shape their lives. Every Knoxville resident, regardless of criminal history and immigration status, deserves to participate in the political process.

The city budget of nearly $400 million belongs to the people. It is essential that we have community participation throughout the entire budgeting process and have funds under democratic control of our communities. The people must have a say in how all city departments work, including the police department. We support increasing the authority and resources of the Police Advisory and Review Committee to give communities a real voice in policing policies.

Communities in Knoxville have a right to control the land around them for the collective good, and it is our communities who should be in the driver’s seat of development. Furthermore, communities have a right to negotiate with developers and utilize Community Benefit Agreements and Community Land Trusts to ensure developers work with our communities and neighborhoods instead of implementing development projects with little to no community connection.