David Hayes’s positions on Vote Climate’s questionnaire

Vote Climate, a network of climate change activists across Knoxville and Knox County, recently distributed a questionnaire on candidate positions on climate change policies and practices. You can read the summary of all candidates here: http://climateknoxville.org/?page_id=938

David Hayes fully supports robust and meaningful action on climate change through policies and community input. David’s responses to the questionnaire are include in full below.

David Hayes City Council, At Large Seat B

1. If elected, would you support a comprehensive and equitable community-wide Climate Action Plan to reduce Knoxville’s carbon emissions in half by 2030?

Yes, I would support a comprehensive and equitable community-wide Climate Action Plan. The climate crisis calls us all to take urgent and significant action towards a just transition from fossil fuels while also mitigating the current and locked-in consequences of climate change. In order to reduce Knoxville’s carbon emissions in half by 2030 and end our use of fossil fuels for energy by 2050, we will need to transform our economy so people and the environment are prioritized over profit. The city must take a leadership role in addressing the climate crisis and adopt a comprehensive and equitable community-wide Climate Action Plan. The plan must include democratic community engagement along all parts of the development and implementation of the plan, particularly with those most vulnerable to the impacts and effects of climate change.

2. How would you engage the community in developing this plan?

The city has a responsibility to democratically engage with communities directly affected by the city’s actions. The creation of a Climate Action Plan would include a democratic process to develop the Plan’s priorities. Participants of the process would include community members, local green businesses, unions, city, county, and state departments, community and non-governmental organizations, colleges and universities, environmental experts, weatherization and energy efficiency experts, and anyone else needed to make a robust climate action plan that works for all. Community forums, focus groups, surveys, canvasses, interviews, and other methods can be implemented to ensure that the community voices are gathered through a variety of ways.

3. What would be your timeline from the launch to develop the plan to when the city would put the plan into action?

6 months to a year will be enough time to develop the climate action plan with the community, identify necessary funding, and approve the plan. I will do all in my power to ensure the plan is implemented in an urgent and effective manner.