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Vote David Hayes for Knoxville’s City Council at-Large, Seat B during early voting October 16th-31st and on November 5th for the General Election.

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Our campaign is about building power by creating alliances among Black communities and People of Color, organized labor and unions, working-class and poor communities, immigrants and refugees, community and neighborhood organizations, and everyone who believes in a better and just society!


Together, we will fight for everyone to have an affordable home in a safe and healthy community. We will bring more social services and programs to our communities. We will build a local economy of locally-owned businesses, cooperatives, unions, and living wages for all. We will bring real democracy to our city government by empowering the people of Knoxville to determine their destiny and by putting the people over money and politics. 


This campaign isn’t about individuals – it’s about the future of Knoxville; a Knoxville that prioritizes the people over the rich and powerful few. 


A working-class and progressive leader for Knoxville 

David Hayes is an organizer and working-class Knoxvillian who is devoted to empowering families, workers, and communities in Knoxville and throughout Appalachia.


David grew up in a working-class, Christian household with two veteran parents who are committed to pushing back against racism inside the church. David’s upbringing led to his commitment to community organizing and fighting injustice. This passion began in his teens and led to his leadership in a number of community, political, and labor organizations.


Through a number of hands-on experiences, David has gained the insight and courage necessary to bring needed changes to Knoxville’s city council. These experiences include: organizing workers for a union and a living wage, helping people in need find affordable housing, working with families and their loved ones who are battling court cases, and drafting public policies that grant more power to communities and neighborhoods. 

In 2018, David became a parent for the first time. He serves as the primary caretaker for his young one as his partner Lisa continues to build her career at the University of Tennessee. David and Lisa have lived in South Knoxville for four years and look forward to raising their kid in a thriving, diverse, and well-resourced community. In addition to caring for his little one and his community organizing, David works part-time for a black-owned clothing manufacturer in East Knoxville. 

David understands that people deserve a city council that will work with communities to improve their lives and bring living wages, affordable homes, safe and healthy communities, and real democracy to Knoxville. 

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